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Backup Solutions
In today’s technological, fast-paced economy, data is the lifeblood of your business. Does your business have a fail-proof backup strategy in place? NACS Experts can assist your office in developing an effective backup solution to protect your business from disaster.
Computer Maintenance
Do your computers feel sluggish and slow? Is your office riddled with popups, and do your computers act as if they have a mind of their own? NACS Experts can help. Let us give your office an IT spring cleaning (we offer spring cleaning year round). We can take care of your computer systems to make sure they are running as well as the day they were purchased. NACS Experts can assist in a wide variety of tasks, such as removing unwanted spyware and viruses that could be slowing down your computers and causing your business loss of productivity and revenue. Just like your car, your computer can benefit from regular maintenance and tune-ups to keep it running smoothly. NACS Experts can ensure you have the latest security updates in place and that your computers are running at their peak efficiency to maximize your business productivity potential. We can also alert you of potential imminent hardware failures before they become a costly catastrophe. NACS offers monthly maintenance or one-time office tune-up agreements.

On-Going IT Solutions with North American Computer Systems (NACS)

IT Help Desk
Having your own dedicated IT department can be extremely costly and clearly is not cost effective, but you now can have your cake and eat it too! Our highly trained and dedicated IT support staff are now your highly trained and dedicated IT support staff, with your service contract.

Utilizing the latest in internet technologies, our team of experts can remotely assist you in a wide range of issues, from basic password resets to help with configuring email accounts to solving printing problems. We also offer level 2 technical support as well as senior technical support.

We work with all major internet service providers as well as Bell, Rogers, etc. We can also work directly with you to help resolve any connectivity issues your business might be experiencing.

Data Migration
Replacing or upgrading your business’s infrastructure can be a daunting task. Let NACS’s highly trained IT personnel do it for you. We can help migrate all of your data and settings from old hardware to your new hardware to ensure your office has a smooth transition with minimal downtime.

Hardware Replacement
Have your business’s computers seen better days? Failing computers can cost your business down time and lost productivity, which results in decreased revenue. Let the experts at NACS assist you in choosing the correct hardware to meet your office environment’s needs.

At North American Computer Systems, we have a dedicated team to assist in networking your office. Whether your office needs an entire network, wireless network or network expansion, we can design and implement the most cost effective network solution that will increase your office’s productivity and reliability.

Office Moves
Expanding? Expanding your business can be very worrisome, with the transportation and implementation of your computer infrastructure to your new location. NACS will remove all the headache and hassle. We will safely transport and reconnect all your computer equipment to your new location.

Your office management team will rest a lot easier knowing that your complete computer system is properly backed up and running at your new location, including your fax machines, printers, and point-of-sale devices.

Data Recovery
Has your office been a victim to a devastating virus or crippled by a computer failure? Let NACS Experts assist you with an effective disaster recovery solution. Our trained experts can help you recover data from your backups, recover data off of your computer after a hardware failure, and even reverse the damage caused by most viruses.